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Why you should trust us when you need to hire workers.

At Top Class Recruitment, we understand how important it is for our clients to be able to rely on us, and our workers. That’s why we put such a large focus on QUALITY. Many agencies focus on building up the quantity of drivers, which can lead to poor results for their clients.

We attract and keep only the best workers. Every Top Class Recruitment applicant is taken through a stringent process, and those that are not up to our standards are not offered a position with our agency.

All of our workers are given a face to face interview, where we initially take a note of our first impressions. Whenever we send a worker to a job, they become a representative of that company when they go about their daily work. We not only recognise this important fact, but we also recognise that they represent US.

So, you can rest assured that we only take on the best candidates.

When you come in for their interview, we spend time doing all relevant background checks, take the workers through our code of conduct and what our clients expect. We identify the workers key skills and match up our workers with the clients that will suit them best.

We require all workers sit a refresher test in relation to the working time directive and give the workers clear instructions on their requirements both when onsite and submitting their hours to us.

We offer a personal touch with all our workers and have very open, honest relationships with them. We invest in continual improvement of our workforce and conduct one to one appraisals regularly.

Compliance & Compatibility

We are members of the Institute of Recruitment Professionals and we are always up to date in regard to Industry guidelines and frequent legislation changes coming out of the EU.

To stay on top of the ever growing list of requirements regarding AWR, as well as the Working time directive (WTD) and Road transport directive (RTD), we have invested in the best software solution on the market, TempID.

This tracks all workers tachographs (both analogue and digital), tracks their working time, lets us text message drivers with any important announcements you may need them to know about, lets us keep track of our driver availability (which means you can get instant, accurate availability of drivers), allows us to invoice you in any manner you choose (so we can fit seamlessly into your existing processes, delivering invoices in any format you require) and it all works seamlessly with SAGE accounting software.

We handle all the payroll, timesheets and invoicing using our centralised systems. We guarantee prompt accurate invoicing, supported by compliance safety measures, all delivered efficiently.

Our systems enable us to continually improve our client efficiency and we can quickly provide reports to demonstrate the results we are achieving for you.

Your satisfaction is our number one concern and should there ever be any issues (because in real life people can make mistakes) we are positioned to quickly identify the issue and find resolutions fast.

We hope that we have covered everything, but if you do have any more questions or want to discuss booking drivers, please give us a call on 01324 610096



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