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Class 1 Driver, Class 2 & 7.5 tonne

If you are a Class 1 Driver, Class 2 Driver, 7.5 tonne or an ADR driver, we want to hear from you.

We have vacancies for driving professionals and we are looking for full time and part time drivers for both dayshift and nightshift.

Before you can be considered for any of our vacancies, you will be required to book an appointment and come to our office in Falkirk Town Centre. Click on the map for directions. >>>>>>>>>>>>

Unlike a lot of driving agencies, we value QUALITY over QUANTITY when it comes to the drivers we have on our books. This benefits all parties. Our clients get professional workers that turn up on time, with drivers being well presented and competent to carry out the work. This leads to happy clients and helps secure future work for our drivers.

This means more work for YOU if you meet our high standards. We always do our best to match our driver’s skills with the right clients.

Book an appointment

When you have an appointment, be sure to bring the following:

  • Full Drivers Licence
  • Digital Tachograph Card
  • Drivers CPC Card
  • Bank Details (Your sort code and account number)
  • Passport showing that you are a British Citizen OR a passport from an EU (EEA) country OR another document issued by the home office showing that you have a current right of residence in the UK.
  • National Insurance Number

When you arrive for your appointment, we will conduct a one to one interview where we will get a chance to chat, find out your experience and introduce you to our team.

You will also have to fill in an application form. This form will include the following:

Experienced drivers should have no issues with these tests but we suggest brushing up on your skills if you are concerned. You can click on any section to study up on any of these areas.

We will also go over the WORKING TIME DIRECTIVE (WTD) with you to make sure you know the limits placed on drivers, and how to use the mode switch on your tachograph correctly.

PAYE or Self Employed?

When working with a driving agency, you can choose to be paid through PAYE or to become self employed.

Regardless of what way you choose, you will receive your wages WEEKLY, one week in arrears.


PAYE workers do not have to do anything apart from bring us their P45 from their last employer. We will do the rest. PAYE workers are also entitled to statutory leave (paid holidays). Entitlement to annual leave will accrue in proportion to the amount of time worked continuously by the temporary worker throughout the year. (Paid annual leave is governed by the working time regulations 1998 guidelines.)

Your tax and national insurance contributions will also be dealt with by us automatically.

Self Employed

If you choose to be a self employed driver, you will actually receive a higher hourly wage than a PAYE worker.

Self Employed drivers are NOT entitled to paid holidays, but instead they receive a higher hourly rate. In addition to this higher hourly wage.

Most self employed agency drivers bring in an outside party to manage all of their tax affairs, their expenses and national insurance contributions.

Typically, Self Employed workers pay less tax than their PAYE counterparts.

Once you are registered with us, you can change from PAYE to LTD, or vice versa, so do not panic if you are still undecided.

Give us a call and arrange your appointment

Have a look at our current HGV Driving Jobs. If you see something that you are interested in, give us a call on 01324 610096 and book in your appointment with us.

Make sure you bring everything you need, (outlined above) and we look forward to meeting you.